Eligibility: All Teachers, All Students

High school teachers in all content areas are eligible to join our team! No prior engineering teaching experience is required. The E4USA curriculum is intentionally designed to increase access to engineering by providing a curriculum that can be taught by any high school teacher to any high school student who has completed Algebra I.

High school students in grades 10-12 are eligible to enroll in our E4USA course. E4USA is an onramp for students to learn about engineering as a profession and as a personal practice. Our course does not require any advanced proficiencies in science or math beyond Algebra I.

Preparing Teachers

E4USA offers a hybrid of online and in-person professional development (PD) experiences to prepare teachers to implement our curriculum. The E4USA PD experience demystifies engineering and empowers teachers to gain the self-efficacy, self-confidence and skills to teach and assess students’ engineering-based competencies.

Curriculum Support

A Community of Practice will be available to support both teachers and students throughout the school year. This Community of Practice is an actively managed network of local faculty members and students from institutions of higher education, leaders in corporations and professional organizations, and E4USA team members. The Community of Practice will allow teachers to ask questions of other engineers and collaboratively plan classroom activities. Members of the network will also provide high school students with mentorship and support.

Financial Support

Financial support is available for schools in target geographic areas. Contact our E4USA team at e4usa@umd.edu to learn more.